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why choose us?

mvnopartners has produced and run successful MVNOs which is why our clients trust us. We know what it takes to minimise risk and maximise your chances of success.

knowing who to trust

mvnopartners' clients include Motorola for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, Vodafone (Netherlands), BT (UK), O2 (UK) and T-Mobile (UK) in addition to a number of major retailers and potential MVNOs. Key to these client engagements was our experience and expertise in building, launching and managing MVNO businesses as well as our solid experience of working with and for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

you're in safe hands

mvnopartners' in-depth industry experience and unrivalled capability means we can supply business models, processes and solutions that have been successfully deployed in the field.

mvnopartners aims to save our clients money and to minimise issues. Clients can be confident that our base-lined airtime contracts, policies, processes and procedures are fully proven and can be rapidly configured to reflect specific client requirements and customer experience requirements on a case by case basis.

mvnopartners has every conceivable angle covered, from the solid foundations of proposition development to provisioning your customers with the devices they want for pre-pay and post-pay and then managing them through the customer lifecycle. It’s all here.

the true value-add

mvnopartners knows that the job of being a brand manager has changed; it’s got harder as ‘convergence’ makes a mockery of categories and past consumer behaviour and attitudes. Knowing what will be a true ‘value-add’ to the brand is much more complex. That’s why mvnopartners always begins our work with you by undertaking a feasibility study to find out if your brand has what it takes to be a successful MVNO. It’s a ‘safety check’ that allows you to explore this path without risk.

a one-stop MVNO shop

If your brand has MVNO success written all over it, then mvnopartners has everything you'll need to make it happen.

mvnopartners's technology platform, consultancy, interim management and full operational support services can be customised to meet your requirements. In this young industry, there are few who can match our experience of our end-to-end offering.

In fact, mvnopartners is unique in being able to support all roles associated with the set-up and operation of a MVNO business. We can operate the business with and for you whilst you recruit your permanent management team.

there’s no substitute for experience

Our strong leadership team has launched and operated two major MVNOs for British Telecommunications plc (BT) and Kingston Communications plc. We work with major brands across many territories who like the fact that our offering has been fully proven in the field of operations.

we understand the criteria for MVNO success in the real world

mvnopartners believes we offer the most comprehensive, proven service to those thinking of launching an MVNO. We also believe in creating commercially sustainable, unique wireless experiences that your customers will love. mvnopartners can help you move into this ever-changing and complex arena with your eyes open, primed to succeed.

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